5 Ways Parents Can Partner During Exams

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

What's better than partnering with your child during exams?

Here are a few tips for you to help then in this process.

1. First and foremost, have realistic expectations.

Do not thrust your wishes and dreams upon your children. Having unrealistic expectations from them can pressurize them more. This can also be a catalyst to anxiety.

2. Refrain from comparing.

It is very common in households to compare a child with others who do 'better' in academics. The comparison might be with a classmate or a friend or even their own siblings. Comparison never elicits a positive outcome. What is intended to be a source of motivation often brings down their morale.

3. Don’t make perfection the goal.

As parents, we want the best for our children. This edges us to see perfection in all they do. Let's remember that it is giving the best effort to achieve a goal that matters. Perfection might not be your end-result always.

4. Make sure that your child is taking adequate breaks.

It is not unusual to see children pull off all-nighters and study without breaks as they near exams. But it causes more harm than help. Having adequate rest is more beneficial than cramming and exacerbating nerves.

5. Attend to your own well-being.

You can help by creating a happy and stress-free atmosphere. Sometimes your anxiety can rub off on your child. So make sure to attend to your well-being while you take care of them. Your best gift to your child's mental well-being during exams is your mental wellness.

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