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Parents, 'Go Easy'!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Parents whose children are writing public examinations are almost always anxious during the exam season and sometimes right through the year. A stressed parent of a teenager can be spotted miles away. The tension builds up and piles on to them adversely affecting them and their family physically, emotionally, and cognitively.

Have you felt like your work, home and your children's school needs have become a tangled knot that you can’t handle anymore? When your worry turns into anxiety, anxiety turns into irritation and anger. This in turn affects your daily life, how you function as a person and a parent. Life becomes a roller coaster ride and your child ends up having to face bigger and bigger problems all alone, this chokes the very life out of them.

Dear parents, it's up to you to create a secure and safe environment for your child during this very tense season. Of course, it is a tumultuous time for you as well. After all, you do care and want the best for your child and yet you catch yourself oscillating between the overwhelming feelings of fear and anxiety concerning the future of your child. There is

a misplaced burden that your child ends up carrying when you become anxious. But it needn’t be so. It is possible to take an extra step to ensure your child's safety and mental well-being during this time.

'Go Easy' on your child. Yes, they shouldn’t be lazing around. They need to focus on their studies. But don’t let these worries drive you to pressurize them negatively. Rather, you could provide them with positive reinforcements. Encourage, encourage and encourage some more. This is the best way forward. Your love and your care can be the fuel to take them an extra mile.

Watch this space for more tips and ways to partner with your child during exams.

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